• Shirts Laundered    
                                    We prepare shirts on premises.
                                    Laundry is done professionally.

                          • Formal Wear & Evening Wear Our
                                    We can protect your garment and clean it

• Silk & Delicate Garment Specialist
Delicate garment are no problem for our professional staff. Make it
like new, without any worry.

• Seasonal Storage
Do not take up valuable room
at home. Bring it in to us.

• Fur, Suede &
Leather Cleaning
We clean everything on
premises. Bring it in and
we will do it fast.

• Rain Wear, Ski Wear
Special garments are no problem. We clean all your clothes.

• Spot Colonization Consultant
We can consult you on your clothes’ spots. We know what needs to
be done.

• Smoke, Fire & Water Damaged RestorationSmoke and fire
are no match for our professional staff.

                         • Satisfaction & Maximum Attention
                                Our service provides satisfaction every time   
.                                  We  guarantee maximum attention will be            
                                 paid to your garment.

                          • Draperies, Rug & Household Items
                                Bring them in and we do the rest.                          

• Certified Professional Dry Cleaner
We are certified. Come in and see our certification

• Certified Environmental Dry cleaner
Think environmentally. Bring your garments to us.

• Wash & Fold Service
Wash & fold on premises.
Services TJ Cleaners Provide
Dry Cleaner
TJ Cleaners
• Same Day Service
Bring it in and we will get it done. All work
done on premises

• Expert Tailors
We can tailor almost anything you bring us.
Our professor staff will fit you and tailor
exactly as needed.
wash and fold